Nancy_GetlerWelcome to ‘Cuz It’s Good!  We are an online artisan Cookie and Whoopie Pie Company, located in Windham, NH.  We handcraft everything from scratch using fresh, all-natural, real ingredients to make some of the best tasting Cookies and Whoopie Pies you’ll ever have.


‘Cuz It’s Good! was founded in 2012 by Nancy Getler, owner / baking guru. Nancy began baking with her grandmother as a little girl. She watched and learned as her grandmother created scrumptious desserts.  Her grandmother’s passion and appreciation for the art of baking became instilled in Nancy.  As Nancy’s own passion grew, she learned more and more about the artistry of creating or tweaking recipes to her own satisfaction, and that baking could be an expression of love from the heart to the hands to you.

It was by chance that ‘Cuz It’s Good! came to be. When the owners of Maddie’s restaurant in Salem, NH mentioned that they were disappointed with the commercial baked goods they were serving, Nancy offered to share some of her hand-made baked goods with them. The owners loved each one more than the last and thus began a great partnership and the birth of ‘Cuz It’s Good!


Our products became more and more popular and people started contacting us to cater their family parties, graduations, corporate Holiday packages, photo shoots for magazines (T.E.L.L., Sweet Violet Bride), Event planners (Blue Jar Events, Events Unlimited), professional catering companies (such as Nexdine), as well as Whoopie weddings!  The biggest surprise to date was the request to create a 12” Whoopie pie cake.  Held in the fall, the bride and groom wedding cake was to be a 12” pumpkin whoopie pie, iced and decorated to look like an actual pumpkin!


‘Cuz It’s Good! takes pride in giving back whenever and wherever possible.  Donating annually to the Make a Wish foundation at the Salem High School, the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and various local charity organizations. Nancy tries to live by the motto that we all need to give when we can as “it will come back to you tenfold”.


At ‘Cuz It’s Good, we continue to grow.  We now ship throughout the continental United States, as well as still hand delivering locally.  We do our best to get our products to you as quickly as possible and most importantly, as FRESH as possible, as we use no preservatives.

We can currently be found at Maddie’s Restaurant in Salem, NH as well as “Tucker’s” restaurant in Hookset, NH.  We are looking to expand further to the Nashua/Hudson area in the near future.

Try one for yourself today.