• "Cuz it's a decadent mouthful of heavenly chocolate that makes you close your eyes and melt.  And don't I deserve it?" David C., Lexington, MA

  • "The first thing that struck (me) was that you can tell that they're made by a human. They LOOK homemade and they look sincere. They don't look like perfect circles but FEEl like they way homemade food should feel"
    Mila T, Wellesley, MA
  • I am in love with the Turtle Cookies… so decadent!  And the whoopies are to die for!  Real butter, natural ingredients… what’s not to love?  Amanda C.  Salem, NH

  • I am not  a peanut butter fan so I reluctantly tried the peanut butter sandwich cookie. I can honestly say that it was the best cookie I have ever tasted and I am now a peanut butter convert, at least when it comes from Cuz It's Good! If you try one,you will be too!!!

    Jeannie W.  Amherst, NH

  • Thank you for what you did to make our wedding so special. You took my idea for the pumpkin whoopie cake and made it a reality. I was blown away by how you just made it look so perfect. That whoopie table at our wedding was exactly what I imagined. Our wedding day was all about love, warmth, and family. I can't fully express how everything that you created for us really pulled the whole feeling for the day together.  I will never be able to thank you enough for what you did.  Thank you.

    Samantha F.  Clarksville, TN

  • Nancy-

    Just a quick note to say that your Whoopie Pies are incredible!  Although my favorite is the Toasted Almond Coconut Whoopie Pie, I can bite into any flavor and allow it to bring a smile to my face.  Our customers use words like “incredible, awesome, unbelievably tasty and too good to be true” when they try them out!  Keep up the good work!

    Mike A. (Nexdine Catering)

  • I've never been much of a cookie fan.  I always found faults with ordinary cookies, too sweet, too crispy, just plain boring, not enough of a pay off to make the experience worth the caloric risk. Then I came across 'Cuz It's Good's Triple Chocolate Cookies... Wow! My eyes were opened to this dark pleasure.  The  first taste was amazing! This is no bake sale cookie, and sorry, Grammy , but this is a cookie among cookies!  It is so well-balanced; a real adult treat.  The chocolate leans toward bittersweet but with an ever so slight hint of salt that makes this a complex confection.  The textures of chewy and crunchy with magnificent chunks of chocolate are distributed evenly and generously throughout, ensuring every bite is a delight.

    Carol V.  Derry, NH
  • My favorite is the apple whoopie with the toasted almond whoopie coming in a close second. Oh no wait, the mint chocolate chip is my absolute favorite. It is so hard to choose because they are all so delicious. You can taste the fresh ingredients in each and every bite.

    Debi S.  Sanford, ME

  • Hi Nancy:

    The first cookie for which I reached, after reading the labels, was "Oatmeal with White Chocolate, Pecans and Cranberries."  I went on to taste all of the others (even if my kids at the rest, sparing me the extra calories!)

    They all were really special cookies.  The sort you'd expect to pay a few dollars for and pick it out at the bakery.  But my first choice very much prevailed as my favorite.  I was musing about it afterward ... Thinking about how I probably could eat and eat them until losing consciousness! ... And on further reflection, I can't think of any other food item that I could say the same about.

    Thanks again. Carl H.  Nashua, NH

  • Hi Mike (Caterer / NexDine),

    Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you that as a Mainer (where the official dessert is the Whoopie Pie) and a whoopie pie connoisseur, the “’Cuz It’s Good” whoopie pies are incredibly scrumptious! The chocolate cake was moist and really flavorful but not gooey and artificial like the last vendor’s. Also, the filling was incredible – made with the traditional Fluff and butter. What I loved the most about the one I just devoured (besides the taste, of course) was the ingredients listing  - it was basic and wholesome with nothing artificial. Huge difference from any other whoopie pie I have eaten south of the border.

    Thanks for going to NH and finding these delectable treats! I have a new addiction.

    Best regards,

    Victoria F.  Maynard, MA
  • I have been lucky to enjoy Cuz' It's Good longer than most folks! There is no secret why Nancy's popularity has grown so big!

    The greatest part of the whoopie pies (confetti is my ultimate favorite) for us people with a sweet tooth is that it conquers the sugar craving with the homemade taste while not leaving you in a sugar coma.

    Which leads me to eat some more because.......... Well, Cuz It's Good!!

    Keep baking Nancy, I look forward to the newest creations that keep me coming back!

    Bake on!

    Chris C.  Swedesboro, NJ

  • Love! Love! Love! the Whoopie Pies and Cookies from “Cuz It’s Good!”   The Whoopie Pies are just the right size, not too sweet, the variety of flavors are extensive….I happen to be a Pumpkin freak so Pumpkin is one of my very favorite but all flavors are distinct.  Cookies are exceptional.  Very moist!  Can’t wait for “Cuz It’s Good” to have their very own store front or  bakery truck….cuz I am a sweet eater and will travel to purchase good bakery products.  By the way, all pastries from “Cuz It’s Good!” freeze very well!

    Jean  P.  Haverhill, MA 

  • "My fiance and I were looking for something different for our wedding dessert. We aren't big cake people, and since we were having a fun-filled barn reception, we thought whoopie pies would be perfect! And they were. We had a mix of flavors, from Red Velvet to Confetti, and even some vegan options so that everyone could enjoy the whoopies. Our guests raved about them long after the wedding. It was definitely a memorable part of our special day. Thank you, 'Cuz it's Good, for making the whole process so easy--and delicious!"

    "It's so hard to choose, but I think my favorite whoopie pie is the Toasted Almond Coconut. I love the mix of toasty almonds, flaked coconut, and sweet filling. It's the one I always recommend to friends!"

    Ashley C.  Boston, MA

  • As someone who openly claims to "not have a sweet tooth," I have to admit that I have never refused a cookie or whoopie pie from "Cuz It's Good."  The natural ingredients and light but flavorful taste is unlike any homemade or store-bought baked good I've ever had.

    One whoopie pie in particular deserves to be mentioned among it's equally-delicious "Cuz It's Good" counterparts; the confetti whoopie pie is equal parts delicious and sentimental to my childhood memories. The fond memories of childhood birthdays with confetti cake are undoubtedly echoed in the delicious confetti flavor, this time, with the all-natural ingredients our parents would have certainly preferred. Thank you, "Cuz It's Good" for raising the bar for both taste and wholesome ingredients.

    Regina G. Boston, MA  

  • You never forget your first Cuz Its Good!!!

    Mine was Thanksgiving dessert, and it was epic.

    We had an assortment of whoopies and the apple was AMAZING. Every whoopie pie was gone, none left. I was happy I had put an extra apple whoopie in my bag to take home and enjoy later.

    As an added bonus we had some Cuz It's Good chocolate chip cookies. They were like a dessert for the dessert. These chocolate chip cookies were the best I have ever had, out of this world!

    Megan S.  Clifton, NJ